Lindsay Kokoska
live now closing june 3

Cosmic Gold

Combining physical practices with AI, this unique collection of 20 unique works allude to a plethora of art historical themes and iconic artists such as Georgia O'Keefe. Edition size: 20 unique digital artworks Price: $355
About this collection


Kokoska’s practice is heavily influenced by her extensive travel and absorption of various cultures. From South Korea, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Lindsay has been uniquely inspired by local techniques and traditions. Lindsay’s interest in spirituality prevails throughout her artwork.


Lindsay's use of sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns, and shapes, along with her use of AI ART technology, creates pieces that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. Her art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds, and through her work, she channels an energy that inspires people to access a deeper vision and see the magic in their own lives.


With a unique style that blends animation and fine art compositions, Kokoska’s pieces have a dreamlike quality that uniquely captures the viewer's imagination. From animated figurative pieces to abstract astrascapes, Lindsay’s work has a hypnotic quality that has captivated an audience of hundreds of thousands.
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